Research & Projects

21ws is not just a journal; it even conducts its own research, or works with other institutes or maintains close ties with its members to regional and international projects. The focus is on solution-oriented concepts including their timely implementation.

In particular, we build on our community, which consists of our founding members, the board of directors and each individual member. Every author, every member has the opportunity to work with us on a real project. The focus is on project management, the provision of financing through the search for sponsors and through the provision of expertise. Since our team is still very young, we are still in our own project phase and look forward to every supporter and every input!



Active Members and their Concept & Projects

Tibor Spath

Co-Founder of
Student for Management by Design BSc at New Design University
Representative for SARS-CoV-2 statistics and documentation at the University Hospital – Vienna General Hospital

Tel.: +43 699 17178044 / [AKH Wien: DW18617]

Email.: /


Field of Research:
Experience-based knowledge in the field of hospital & infection control, epidemiology, data science, design thinking processes, product development and project management

Conducted Research:
Brunner S, Spath T, Kornek G, et al. SARS-CoV-2 Postvaccination Infections Among Staff Members of a Tertiary Care University Hospital – Vienna, January-July 2021; an Exploratory Study on 8 500 Employees with Better Outcome of Vector than m-RNA Vaccine. SSRN; 2021. DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.3907198.


Rita Fussenegger

Co-Founder of & Oragnizater at U.S.E. Patient Assoc.
Ambassador for rare Disease primarily at political events
Singer/ Songwriter, producing her first Album

Tel.: +43 664 4649411



Field of Research: 
Ambassador for rare disease regarding innovative patient care