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Do you have lots of ideas and are you full of energy? Then this is your place to be! The purpose of this network is to offer young people, regardless of whether they are students, apprentices, university scholars, startUp founders, young entrepreneurs or hobbyists & tinkerers, a place in the public eye and, with the benefit of a transparent journal, also help ideas to get more resonance. All you have to do is formulate your vision and upload it as a PDF file. The editorial team will then conduct a peer review of your work and, with your consent, publish it. We take care of the formatting and positioning on our website and social media; Under the download link below you will find a helpful template with the Information & structure to be included for a successful scientific publication:


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After you have uploaded your work, we will do a short peer review in the coming days and give you feedback! If your concept is accepted and published accordingly, we will create a posting with the information you have given and make the work you have sent us available for download; Of course with the necessary citation & background information that you provide


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