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Martini Madness Project

Martini Madness, A ball event at Kursalon Hübner, Vienna 2019 This event was originally planned as a ball for graduates. However, due to previous downsides of former balls and the general non-involvement of the school board, the ball was privately organized by volunteers. The liability was taken over by a club, which took over in  short […]

Water JET Propulsion, the future way of traveling [concept] (C)

How will we travel in the future? The water jet propulsion! (C) Especially in our time, we have to ask ourselves more and more often the question of how we can keep our standards efficient and environment-friendly in the future. The way we trade, transport and travel has to change. But airplanes, cars and conventional […]

Books or no books?

Books or no books? How the 21st century set the path to digital knowledge acquisition.   The 21st century, the new millennium, the new decade, the same people, but with new technology. Much has happened in recent years, both in geo-political terms, and in the world of social life and technology. The term “social media” […]