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Euthanasia at Spiegelgrund

Historical and contemporary aspects of the children’s department and the Educational tract at Asylum area of the sanatorium and nursing home “Am Steinhof”, Vienna Austria. T4, the euthanasia of physically as well as mentally handicapped people and in this case children, in the neuropathic clinic “Am Steinhof” are considered a crime against humanity! But hardly […]

How do the economic losses of E.R. and outpatient medicine look like in relation to the demand from minor medical cases in German-speaking countries?

Explained using the model of hypochondria & cyberchondria and a corresponding representative experiment. The question of high quality, always available, cost-covering and constantly developing medical care is a concern for a large part of modern western economies. Depending on our overall History there was also a social change during the second republic in Austria, which, […]