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Projects & Concepts

by Tibor Spath

Water JET Propulsion, the future way of traveling [concept] (C)

How will we travel in the future? The water jet propulsion! (C) Especially in our time, we have to ask ourselves more and more often the question of how we can keep our standards efficient and environment-friendly in the future. The way we trade, transport and travel has to change. But airplanes, cars and conventional […]

Martini Madness [Event planning]

Event in the Kursalon Hübner: The Italian Riviera of the 1960s, Great 60s cars, funky clothing, geometric patterns, rock & roll, neon lights and not forgetting the cocktail of a decade “Martini”!

My Future Car?

A great car is not enough, – a really good car wants to be bought by the masses! It’s not about selling a car that only praises prestige, it’s not about pulling money out of people’s pockets and it’s definitely not about wasting money! A really good car manages to create a future cross mindset […]