Team & Mission

Revolutionize the system, cause who the f*** else? (…)

A thinktank for solution oriented innovation!

                                      “Identify problems, find solutions, revolutionize everday life!”



We are the team of the 21.Wienerschule! Rita Fussenegger & Tibor Spath are both young people with an interesting and eventful past. Even as a person affected by today’s infrastructure and social services, Rita Fussenegger can speak from experience and today serves as an ambassador for rare diseases, while Tibor Spath himself does research at the University Hospital Vienna AKH / Medical University.

Through our experiences, we were often mentally challenged to take a critical look at the “system”. This resulted in some solution-oriented project ideas. Since we both had to deal with complex issues in our society, especially in the scientific research and social area, we developed the idea of ​​an interactive, agile & interdisciplinary innovation network independently of each other, until we met in spring 2021 and came up with a common idea; Which we want to start as two co-founders, now with

We want to get young people with a thirst for research and action to take a step and help them to develop and present their innovative ideas and concepts. We provide a journal and a community based on an interactive network, where innovative & solution oriented works are published, and promoted to the public. In this science based think-tank, thoughtful young people are connected, therefore interdisciplinare Initiatives are brought to life.