Martini Madness Project

Martini Madness, A ball event at Kursalon Hübner, Vienna 2019

This event was originally planned as a ball for graduates. However, due to previous downsides of former balls and the general non-involvement of the school board, the ball was privately organized by volunteers. The liability was taken over by a club, which took over in  short term the advance payment for the location. The good organization made it possible to ensure a successful ball.

Location & Date

The Kursalon Hübner in the Stadtpark in the city center of Vienna offers a wide range of function rooms. In this case, we rented two rooms: the main floor, the Strauss hall, and the discotheque, the Schubert hall. There was a good cooperation with the Event Department of the Kursalon under the guidance of Mrs. Nakarada.

The Ball took place on the 27th of April 2019.

Motto – Martini Madness.

The Italian Riviera of the 1960s, Great 60s cars, funky clothing, geometric patterns, rock & roll, neon lights and not forgetting the cocktail of a decade “Martini”!


Supervising figures – Organizers

Tibor Spath [Creative Director]

corporate design, PR, Marketing, “developing, planning and evaluation of the Martini Madness concept”

Product: Advertisment [Image Film, Posters, Ticket-design], Ensemble [Light, Decoration, Light Animation]

Lukas Pflanzer [Head of Finance]

Financial planning, logistics, procurement of utensils, Sales

Leading  organizers

Gloria Sanmann [Program, opening & midnight insert]

Jan Prokop [Finance]

Mara Mehnert [Contact for sponsoring]

Alina Grassauer [Contact for Catering]

Hugo Weidinger [Assembly and disassembly]


EF, WKO, Bosch, U4 – Club, Rock in Sparrow [Catering], Pamipa, Mediasupport, First Escapes, Hackl&Co, Fahrschule Karlsplatz, St.Martins Therme, LeBurger, Tanzschule Kopetzky, Dr.Barnea, AryuvedaStudio


The rent for the location did cost around 8000,00 -,€ … Decor ~500,00 -,€ …Band ~1700,00€ …Light&Sound ~600,00 -,€ …Rest [e.g. photographer, DJ etc.] ~1000,00 -,€

Expenditure was covered by the ticket sales, a Tombola, Sponsoring and catering.

Tickets did cost: 25,00 -,€ for Students and 30,00 -,€ for Adults, table reservations did cost 05,00 -,€ per person.

Corporate Design

The corporate design was developed by Tibor Spath and adapted to the topic “Martini Madness”. In this case, the design schematics of the 1950s and 1960s were used to ensure an authentic excursion.


The poster tries in a modern way to express the 1960s. With the help of the background, which is based on a 50s wallpaper, and the very disreputable busty lady, with the then common hairstyle including Cateye sunglasses, should address the opposites of this time: prudish and perfectionist post-war period and the blossoming life of the 1950s & 1960s.


Above all, we wanted to match the charm of all cheesy action films of that time, where the graceful lady at the bar leaves the telephone number on a cloth napkin. In this case, a classic beer mat had the best price performance ratio. The design itself is simple and to be honest ugly, but that was exactly the goal to re-enact a realistic situation.

Also a promotional video was commissioned. In this case, it was produced and developed by Tibor Spath. The video is in the style of the 60s retrospective. So the story is told here by a femme fatale, who is disturbed by a call in her office and convinced by the charming man at the other end of the phone line for the ball visit. The brevity of the video was due to the fact that it was produced for Instagram Promotions and therefore only allowed to be 60 seconds long.

Thanks to Sophia Obermayer, Emilia Reseterits and Lisa Forst, who provided body parts make-up and voices.

There was also a seven-day countdown, which was seen on all social media platforms. In each case, it has been an animated image, which was intended to imply the various interpretations of the 1950s and 1960s with the help of images of various graduates.


1950s & 1960s Easy Listening

[“Emilia Reseterits” by Tibor Spath]

1960s Amalfitana Coast, The Hotspot of the rich and famous in southern italy

[“Alexandra Schmid” by Tibor Spath]

1950s Space Age

[“Konstantin Kuzmanovski” by Tibor Spath]

1950s & 1960s The famous Route66

[“Julia Markovic” by Tibor Spath]

1960s Popart

[“Theresa Gartler” by Tibor Spath]

Final Product

Finally, the ball took place on the 27th of April 2019 at Kursalon Hübner.

With the help of our partners, we were able to plan and host a great party. The revenue covered the expenditure and it even came to an exceeding of the planned zero deficit of more than 3000 €, which ran back into the spot for future balls. There were about four hundred tickets in the pre-sale and one hundred fifty sold through the evening box office. At the closing time, two hundred people were still present at the ball.

The ball itself appeared in the retrospective of the 1960s. Made possible by light effects and cutting-edge technology, we were able to restore the spirit of the funky decade. Thanks to donations, we were even able to put a Cadillac [built in 1966] as a photo point on the driveway, use neon lamps in flamingo form as table lamps, each guest received a “martini” – welcome drink at the entrance, and a self-developed light laser show, we were able to provide a great experience.

               Special features:

– 1966 Cadillac [Photopoint], sponsored

– Flamingo 60s NEON- tablelights + martini decor glasses

– Bright 60s pink light [light conditions]

– 2 Floors, dance hall [50s, 60s, Rock&Roll, Live Band], modern discothek

– Free Martini Welcome Drinks

– Light shows all around the venue [e.g. Entrance: famous 60s movie scenes were shown]

– Laser Light show in the discothek [Developed by Tibor Spath because of money shortage: 5000 Lumen Projector+ Fogger = 3D Lightbeams]

– Opening and midnight dance-show

– Tombola [Sponsored by Bosch, EF etc., Price: e.g. Frequency Festival Pass]

– Photographer [Xaver Quintus]

– Full service catering by Rock in Sparrow [Beverages & Food]


View in the great BallRoom

View Discotheka


1966 Cadillac sponsored by Dr.Barnea []

Midnight Insert

Laser Light Show

Discotheka with LaserLightShow

Opening Ceremony

Bar & Catering Area

Great Ball Room

Discothek with a lot of fog

Table Decoration

Pictures made by Xaver Quintus



Tibor Spath (C)

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