This place is still under construction. We’re building some really cool things here.
Stay tuned.

When we’re done we will move to our new adress.

The short story: There were internal disputes about the direction of the organisation, which led to 21WS splitting into 2 groups. Group 1 is 21WS as you know it, Group 2 is the newly formed YD. That’s us. The adress legally belongs to group 2 and that’s why you are seeing YD here.

We are an organisation with the goal to make research accessible to young researchers and support soon-to-be researchers. We plan to offer a journal accessible to everyone where you can publish your scientific papers and research. Your paper may just be the one that changes the world.

Stay curious.

-YD Team

Currently we are designing the organisation and the services we can bring to you. We can’t wait to reveal it all to you.

Until then, stay curious.

-YD Team